Getting Started – Common Workout Programs

The first program you start on should be three things: simple, sustainable, structured. You don’t want something that is too advanced due to risk of injury. You need a reasonable amount of days in the gym, between 2-3. Finally, you need someone else who knows what they’re doing to make you a program. With that, here’s the top # starting programs. Pick one, stick to it for at least 20 weeks, 24 weeks is recommended.

  1. Stronglifts 5×5 
    Similar to the workout above, but there’s an app that goes with it to track everything. There’s a free and paid version. Get the free version, use the trial for premium and decide for yourself.
  2. 5-3-1 for Beginners 
    This program is great, but you have to buy the book or do some snooping around the internet to find out how it actually works. I won’t spoil it here because potential legal trouble isn’t my cup of tea. The book is $24.99.
  3. ICF 5×5
    I feel a little dirty mentioning this one, but it’s another free program. The guy who wrote it is notorious for ripping off of other programs etc. and being an all around scumbag, but that doesn’t diminish the effectiveness of this particular program. It’s a variation of Stronglifts with no app to accompany it.

These are the three best starting programs. Chances are, they’ll last you for the first two years of lifting. Pick one you like and stick with it. Being able to enjoy the program is a huge part of long term success, so choose well.

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