How To Cycle Carbs and Calories


  • Carbs: High carbs on workout days (40-50% of your total calories) and little to no carbs on your rest days (5-10% of your total calories).
  • Calories for losing weight: 80-90% of your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) on workout days and 60-70% of your TDEE on rest days.
  • Calories for gaining weight: 110-120% of your TDEE on workout days, and 90-100% on your rest days (matching high-low on workout/rest days, thus 120/90 or 110/100).

It’s as simple as that. Once again, not a magic fat loss tip. Carb cycling’s helpfulness is minimal and not essential. Calories are still king.

Cycling calories is due to needing more nutrients on workout days to recover (naturally, unless your workout is garbage) and less on rest days because you’re not doing anything strenuous (relatively speaking). The goal here is a net difference which is determined by how fast you want to lose weight (or gain weight). All this does is give you a helpful template for not overeating and reaching your goal without destroying your progress in the process.

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