Losing Weight – A Tip for People Who Snack

Do you track your calories and still have trouble losing weight? Are you a broke college with friends who have endless pockets and/or credit card addictions? Me too, and the first step is telling them to piss off or pay for you, and the second step is this:

Don’t buy any food that you don’t have to cook. – TL;DR

My biggest issue with weight always had to do with insatiable snacking. Get a bag of chips that I can reward myself with? Hell no, I’m eating that today with all the existential guilt in the world.

Buy food you have to cook. Buy bread for sandwiches, rice, beans, meat/protein of your choice if you’re vegan. Buy cheese sticks that taste awful but have good macro-nutrient distribution. Essentially, buy things you have to and can cook, and then buy spices to make those meals something you look forward to. Snacking is generally something we try to use to “cheat” the system or somehow reward ourselves, but generally just sabotage us. Make your meals worth it. There’s plenty of ways to spice your food so it doesn’t taste like trash.

At the end of the day, buy only food you can cook and see how much easier it is 1) to track your caloric intake and 2) control it with ease. It’s easy to binge when a Beefy Fritos Burrito has 440 calories and an awful macro spread. It’s a whole lot harder when a full cup (180g uncooked) of rice fills your plate and only adds up for 640 calories on top of your 16oz of chicken which is roughly 500 calories. So you could get 3 Beefy Fritos Burritos and only get a measly 39g of protein (if the employees even make it with correct proportions), or you can eat decent food and get about 100g protein, 120g carbs and like 6g fat. Then you only have 1140 calories total, and you can fill the rest up with protein and something for fat, like peanut butter.

Don’t buy any food that you don’t have to cook. – TL;DR

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