Success is Habitual

Success is habitual.

Last year you resolved to lose weight, get jacked, start playing a sport you love again, and get your organizational skills in order.

About a month later, you found yourself having completely given up on any such thing. Why? Because success isn’t a habit for you.

Success is habitual.

I don’t mean this in some motivational sense that’s completely detached from any real situation. I mean it as a hard, testable fact. If you want to be successful at something, you also need to be habitual about it. If you want to learn how to be habitual, you need to start somewhere small with your goals. Success is the sum total of every foundational achievement leading up to it.

I’ve seen too many people walk into a gym with the immediate goal to get ripped, strong, and confident. The simple fact is that strength and muscle size take (a lot) of time. Real confidence comes from prior success that proves your readiness. While there may be some far off goal of getting ripped, strong, and confident, there needs to be an immediate goal of just showing up.

Success is habitual.

I started going to the gym 3 days a week. Attendance became a habit, so I added in nutrition. Nutrition became a habit, so I added in a program. My program became a habit, so I added in general strength goals. Achieving strength goals became a habit, so I added in personal programming. Personal programming became a habit, so I added in program specific goals. Specific goals became a habit, and now I’ve succeeded and surpassed my previous goals. Now I can set my eyes on new goals because I have the proper habits.

Start with the very basics this year. Follow a novice lifting program like Starting Strength. Get in the habit of going to the gym, and repeating things until you master them.

Make your success habitual. 

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