Training Log: 10/1-10/22

Over the past few weeks I’ve been having trouble sleeping while feeling generally exhausted. I thought it was symptoms of over training, but the weights have all increased and still feel easier and easier as time goes on. I bumped my Squat up @ 80% from 315 > 335 and the sets feel just as easy as before. It’s a bit harder on the walk out, but I think that’s more of a mental factor. Bench and Deadlift are both in similar positions. Deadlift feels worse, but all video evidence and friends assurance says otherwise.

My elbows are a bit sore, but I think that’s because I tried including dips into my assistance work. I’m starting to think they’re not very good exercises for bigger people, or I’m just particularly bad at them.

Bench Press in general feels like something has finally clicked in the technique and now every weight goes up like butter. Being able to hit my old max for two singles back to back felt great, and I’m pretty excited to do my new 1rm test soon.

I’ve also been taking 1-2 mile walks at night to help keep my maintenance calories up a bit. Light 10-15 minute stationary bike rides after Squatting seems to do miracles for my legs as well (extremely low intensity. Absolutely no lactic buildup.)

Overall, has been a good 3 week period.

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