Do You Want The BEST Program You’ll Ever Run?

Do you want to be strong, lean, and giant? Do you think of people like Arnold in the Terminator or Conan the Barbarian with envy? Would you want a program that could get you those results in as little as twelve weeks? If you find one, please for all that is good and holy send it to me, because I’ve never found one.

The truth is, no one program is going to do that. Especially not in twelve weeks, and in Arnold’s case, not without large amounts of steroids and time. The truth of the matter is, building tons of strength and a good physique simply takes time and consistency. While proper programming is important, we’ve all seen the gym equivalent of a bear riding a bicycle. They look weird, sound a bit off, yet somehow are jacked. Truth be told, it’s because the body still responds to stimulus even if it’s sub-optimal. The first and necessary building block that must be in place before anything can happen is that you 1) make time and 2) make it consistently. I’ve seen many people want to get in shape, say they were going to go 5 times a week, an hour a day, and completely burn out by day 3. They key to making rules and work is a third rule: pick something you can adhere to. 

Adherence, time, and consistency are the three building blocks before a program even begins to matter. In fact, they are the rules that the program is built from – they give a framework for whatever program you’re going to run. Figure out your other commitments, priorities, and things you like doing. If they gym isn’t a priority, and you don’t find it fun, sticking to it is going to be difficult (still beneficial!). When it comes to programming, don’t buy a bodybuilding program if you just want to lift weights to get stronger for a sport, as there’s special considerations you’re going to want to account for. If you’re goal is to win Mr. Universe, buying a cross fit program is probably not going to be something you enjoy nor something that works to your benefit.

I grew up idolizing how strong my Dad was. It often seemed like, if he wanted to, he could just rip a Redwood tree out of the ground. The dude was tough (still is), smart, and left a lasting impression on me in regards to the type of person I wanted to be and types of physical attributes I wanted to have. So, naturally, I always wanted to be the strongest kid growing up. It wasn’t until late in college that I found powerlifting. But I went for years from my senior year in high school until my senior year in college being on and off with the gym. I couldn’t get into it because the program I was running was 1) not challenging and 2) completely oriented towards bodybuilding. I didn’t enjoy it and it wasn’t terribly fun. When I found my first program with heavy, compound movements, I didn’t skip a day for years, and when I did skip a day, I genuinely was sad that I didn’t get to go lift and couldn’t wait to go back.

The moral of the story? Figure out what you enjoy, how much time you want to spend doing it, and be honest with yourself about how consistently you can be in doing it.

That being said, I am now open for designing programs. Anywhere from 2x per week to 6x per week, whether it’s for getting bigger, stronger, or losing weight. If you’re interested, and have figured out the three fundamentals I gave you, message me on here, Facebook, or @kvidt on Instagram. The programs I design are repeatable, come with explanations, links to form videos, and allow for Email correspondence in case of any questions or necessary adjustments within the first month. The length of the program can be anywhere from 4 to 16 weeks at a time, and they are designed to be repeatable. Each program is slaved over, and I do not settle for mediocrity – I put myself into each one of the programs I write. So, if you do not plan on sticking the program out, please buy somewhere else. I’m invested in your success, and I have no desire to watch someone give up due to laziness. I’m looking for people who are dedicated to better themselves, come hell or high water.


(Note: I can help you with nutritional planning, however, I am not a registered nutritionist and thus cannot work with people who are not in a good, healthy condition in regards to nutrition. If you require special considerations, please see a registered nutritionist. If you’re someone who can eat whatever without fear of dying, I might be able to point you in the right direction. Thus I can’t offer exclusively nutritional plans, but if you have questions, I have both blog posts here and am open to questions, or open to pointing you towards reliable sources otherwise.)

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