Corona Virus May Keep You Out Of The Gym, But It Doesn’t Mean You Have To Stop Lifting

With the Corona Virus reaching pandemic levels and many gyms, workplaces, etc., being closed down, getting a solid workout in may prove difficult. If you’re like me, you primarily work around a barbell. If you’re also like me, you also don’t have a home gym. Fear not, my fellow lifters, as there is hope. I have put together a guide using these resistance bands (affiliate link: trying to recoup the costs of lost PT time and buying the bands). If you’re new, you can still get one hell of a workout with these bands and without a doubt make gains with them. If you’re a bit more in the intermediate camp, these will help you maintain overall fitness… and maybe also get some easy bicep and tricep gains (super easy to overload, and thus super easy to grow anywhere before you hit the advanced stage).

Unfortunately, I do not have any tight, brightly colored neon clothing. My clothes aren’t tight enough, my energy levels barely register in comparison, but damn it, I will bring you some quality lifting instruction nonetheless. So buckle up friends, and enjoy the video below!

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