Training – 10/4/2020 (The Re-Entry)

First day back to the gym in roughly six months after the COVID breakout. My goal is to slowly re-sensitize my body to lifting weights with a barbell as opposed to bands and a pull-up bar. My workout looked like this: (All weight is in pounds)

Bench Press – 3×6 @ 155
Squat – 3×4 @ 185
Deadlift – 3×3 @ 205
Curls – 3×15,15,10 @ 17.5
Triceps – 3×15,11,8 @ 50

Man oh man was I a bit disheartened by how the weight felt! Everything was almost literally half of what it used to be. But at the same time it felt absolutely amazing to be back under a barbell, and I couldn’t be more thankful.

My goal going forward is to repeat the same workout about 3-5x per week for probably about a month. I will likely add in rows and face pulls to round out my upper body work.

My goal concerning progressive overload will be to increase my bench by 5-10lbs per session, my squat by 20-30lbs per session, and my deadlift by 20-30lbs per session for about the first week or two. I’m assuming a lot of my initial strength “gains” are going to be purely neurological — how well can I move a barbell as a skill — and will likely cap out around 185×6 for bench, 285×4 for squat, and about 335×3 for deadlift. After that, it’s going to be working on getting the actual muscles back into proper conditioning. Once conditioning is back to normal, I expect to be sitting around 205×6 for bench, 335×4 for squat, and 385×3 for deadlift. After that, I think it will be all about building muscle back. I assume my true maxes have dropped by about 50/60/80, SBD respectively. Quarantine allowed me to get a bit of work on muscles that help with squat and bench, but I’m fairly sure my deadlift will have suffered the most.

On the bright side, this will give me time to rebuild technique where I previously had some engrained bad habits. All in all, very excited to see the progress over the coming months!

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