Training Log 10/7/20

Training for the day:

Bench – 165×6,4,4
Squat – 205×4,4,4
Deadlift – 225×3,3,3
Cable Curls – 30×15,14,12
Tricep Extensions – 50×15,9,8
20min walking @ 3.3mph w/o incline (probably should have been adding a bit of incline)

Overall not a bad day! Was supposed to do sets of 4 for bench but forgot and did the first one for 6, which was a nice surprise. I’m much less sore this time around too, which will hopefully continue to diminish even further as time goes on. Every single lift increased in weight at the rate I was hoping for, technique was solid, and the session was pretty quick.

Now that overall soreness is becoming less noticeable, my plan is to introduce a new exercise or two. Right now, I’m basically not hitting my rear delts or lats with any direct work, so the next exercises I will add in will likely be a form of rowing and a rear delt movement, either facepulls or flies.

I’m also currently doing Squat, Bench, and Deadlift every session. That will eventually become too much to do every single session, so I’ll have to start bringing frequency up elsewhere. My plan is to continue using low reps for my main powerlifting moves to rebuild overall strength and use high volume sets for my accessories. While this isn’t an optimal approach if your goal is either powerlifting or bodybuilding, it works out fairly well if you are trying to rebuild tolerance to both modalities to a reasonable level.

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