Personal Training
Hourly Rate is $60/hour, $35/half hour.

  • One-on-one training using FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, or your program of choice
  • Exercises are tailored to what you have access to – bodyweight, bands, home gym, anything, anywhere.
  • Minimum commitment: 2x/week for 3 months to ensure you see results.

Monthly Programming Packages

Basic Package – $150/mo.

This package is aimed at someone who knows their way around the gym and are just looking for someone to take care of the programming from month to month.

This package assumes you understands the basics of eating properly, recovery, and are looking for someone to take care of the mental legwork leading to you getting stronger, bigger, or both.

Advanced Package – $250/mo.

This package is more involved. In addition to programming, it will include weekly check-ups and potential adjustments. Nutrition and recovery are assumed to be understood at this point, but will also be monitored more closely to ensure results.

Elite Package – $400/mo.

This package is the most involved and is best suited for complete beginners or someone who wants constant monitoring.

This gives you daily check-ups on your programming and as frequent adjustments as needed. It also includes a very involved hand in nutrition when it comes to macronutrient needs, micronutrients, and caloric intake.

This package is for the person who wants no stone left unturned and wants guidance every step of the way. Whether you’re going into an important competition or are brand new to lifting, this package is the most hands on of the three.

All packages include Includes:

  • Personalized Programming down to the T. Exercise selection, days per week, reps, sets. Everything is built to suit you.
  • Email access with 24-hour turnaround. Have a question? Email it over so you can get an answer.
  • Access to a private Discord server where clients (and up to 2 friends of the client) can talk about training, share form videos, progress pictures, PR videos, and get feedback both from myself and other people within the Kvidt Personal Training Community.

For in-person personal training, please email me at the address below. I do in-home training with my own equipment as well as out at a park, or in a gym (fees required to train you at a gym will be paid by you).

Contact me at with inquiries or questions. I can also be reached on Facebook here, or on Instagram @Kvidt_Personal_Training.

Here are some testimonials!

Working with Bobby (online) via personalized training and nutrition programs was one of the best decisions I made towards the improvement of my health. Any questions I asked were answered thoroughly and with evidence to back them up. There was no bs around “quick fix” diets or exercises to see fast results. What there were, however, were scientifically-backed programs designed around my personal goals. In 10 weeks, I lost 10 lbs, and gained the knowledge and discipline to keep it off. Bobby is very knowledgeable of his craft and genuinely cares about your health and goals. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to make meaningful progress towards a healthier lifestyle.

Patrick D.

Love the way he programs. He’s a very personable coach and will listen to how you’re feeling on the program and adjust accordingly. What I personally found most helpful was his form correction and cueing on deadlifts and squats. 11/10 highly recommended.

Tommy L.

Bobby was very engaging and patient, as he was able to teach me how to perform the workouts that would suit my needs and my goals. I lost fat, gained muscle and went down 3 dress sizes. I was taught how to use weights, how to pace myself without going over my body’s limit, and what foods are best to eat before and after a workout. The effects were positive as i now have more energy, I love working out, and i feel more confident about myself. He is very nice, open, understanding, and genuinely wants to help people be the best that they can be. I highly recommend Bobby as a personal trainer.

Sandra A.

I’ve had Bobby programming for my last three mesocycles, ever since right after my first powerlifting meet. I met him through a mutual friend at my gym, and have had the pleasure of working with him both in person and online. He’s both personable and professional, he does great job of listening to my feedback and balancing it with his own background and knowledge. He’s an excel wizard, and the programs he writes are personalized (not cookie-cutter at all) to his athlete’s strengths and weaknesses. They’re also one-of-a-kind in the ability to auto regulate the athlete’s fatigue on a daily and weekly basis, which is obviously super important for the process of strength, muscle, and fitness building. In the relatively short time I’ve been training with Bobby, I’ve added around 50lbs to my powerlifting total, and that’s including the break from the gym due to quarantine. Once I hit my official strength peaking mesocycle, I certainly expect more PRs. Bobby is a great dude and very skilled, you can’t go wrong with him as a coach!

Jason R.

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