Jason R.

I’ve had Bobby programming for my last three mesocycles, ever since right after my first powerlifting meet. I met him through a mutual friend at my gym, and have had the pleasure of working with him both in person and online. He’s both personable and professional, he does great job of listening to my feedback and balancing it with his own background and knowledge. He’s an excel wizard, and the programs he writes are personalized (not cookie-cutter at all) to his athlete’s strengths and weaknesses. They’re also one-of-a-kind in the ability to auto regulate the athlete’s fatigue on a daily and weekly basis, which is obviously super important for the process of strength, muscle, and fitness building. In the relatively short time I’ve been training with Bobby, I’ve added around 50lbs to my powerlifting total, and that’s including the break from the gym due to quarantine. Once I hit my official strength peaking mesocycle, I certainly expect more PRs. Bobby is a great dude and very skilled, you can’t go wrong with him as a coach!

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